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Goat-Speak: Words to Beware of for the Non-Tragosphiliac

I’m a logophile (lover of words) and a goat ‘person’–someone who finds goats charming, funny, interesting to study and watch, and very beneficial on my farm. Are you a goat person? This is someone who ‘suffers from’ (technically, there is no suffering; they make me happy) an addiction to goats or what I have decided to coin as tragosphilia from the Greek word ‘tragos’ for goat and ‘philia’ for love, admiration, or a fondness for something. Cat lovers have a word (ailurophilia: a fondness or love of cats or other felines; from Ancient Greek αἴλουρος (ailouros, “cat”) + English -philia (from Ancient Greekφίλος (philos, “dear”, “beloved”)).  Why shouldn’t goat people have a word, too?!

Many of us are tragosphiliacs (thank goodness! It’s no fun being alone!). We’ve formed groups on Facebook, have our own pages, create our own blogs, write Continue reading