About Geeky Goat Girl

I hold a MA in English and post-grad in education. I love to read and write (hmmm… should that be on a poster or something?) I don’t love math so much, but hey, that’s why I became an English major. Besides, I already knew how to speak English; in fact, brilliant me learned it when I was just a baby! That makes English the easier thing study, right? Actually, it gives me much more time (not really) to do other things I like to do– for instance, spend time with goats!

Yes, I’m one of those people you either love or you hate. Yes, I talk about goats if even one word spills out of your mouth that reminds me of anything ‘goaty.’ I love my goats. I spoil my goats. I count goats to go to sleep. Then I dream of goats. I spend time planning for more goats. I spend countless hours creating pedigrees and planning for future goats. I take long trips to buy goats. I spend a small fortune on goats. I take photos of goats, including photos that some might call ‘odd’ or ‘indecent’; yes, some people think I have an obsession with goat teats and other nether-regions. However, BEWARE: there’s a huge group of us –an army of goat people– and we are bonded and sharing our love for all things goat all over the US right now. Those with the powers that be knew they couldn’t keep us out forever! Why do we love goats so much? Pulllllllllllllease!  They are goats! Who wouldn’t love them? If you don’t want to be infected with goat fever, don’t stare at them for more than 10 seconds, and never, ever… I am warning you… never ever touch one!

(FYI: some people, and I don’t know how this happens either, but some people are actually immune to goat fever. Somehow, us goat people tend to be attracted to those people and sometimes marry them. No worries. After continued daily exposure, they often succumb to the disease. If not… never give up hope!)

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