An Ode to the Prowess of Parsley


Sinkful of parsley


Hanging parsley to dry

Parsley is one of those herbs that anyone can find almost anywhere, and it’s not too difficult to grow even for those who have ‘normal’ thumbs (instead of green ones). I know because even I can grow it, and if I can grow it, anyone can! My parsley didn’t like to be in direct sun and actually grew much faster with a little bit of shade through the hot evening hours. It grew so quickly that it tried to take over the entire corner of my garden bed. It was great fresh in salads, tabouli, fish, and as garnish, but I finally had to pull some out and dry it. After drying, there was a lot less than I thought! In fact, it takes a LOT of parsley to fill up one of those parsley containers you buy from the store. Try it sometime. You’ll be surprised!

So what good is parsley? It is so common that it’s often overlooked for many of its healing and medicinal values. You can make a tea with fresh or dried leaves, and it’s great for a lot of things–even for slowing tumor growth!

An Ode to the Prowess of Parsley

When you breathe out, and people shout because your breath is foul,
Eat a sprig of leaf or a twig and chase the stank right out!

It builds the blood, and boosts with C, Beta Carotene, and B12,
Is bactericidal and diuretic, so keep it on your shelf!

When liver congestion is your complaint,
Or dizziness makes you want to faint,
Or if bad digestion peels your paint,
Support thy glands with no restraint!

If women’s woes won’t set you free,
Or night blindness won’t let you see,
Boost your immunity and energy,
Regulate with parsley tea.

Strengthen your spleen, dissolve gallstones, and clean,
It is one of the 7 greatest treasures to be found.
Relieve your itch, your cramp, your twitch,
Give parsley its valued crown.

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